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Alan Bates Launches Attack on Mining, Water and Property Rights

Were it not enough that miners in Oregon were already under threat by LC 2125, in a surprise attack, Oregon State Senator, Alan Bates (D-Ashland) recently submitted his own attack on Oregon placer mining with the introduction of his bills, SB 370 and SB 401.

Bates, it will be remembered, was a co-sponsor of former State Senator Jason Atkinson's attack on mining in Oregon back in 2011, which drew so much ire from miners throughout the country that he promptly killed his bill, SB 765, stating that the bill was "not worth falling on the sword for" after he publicly "declared war" on miners, especially the New 49ers organization from nearby Siskiyou County, California. Apparently, Senator Alan Bates did not learn much from Jason Atkinson, who recently retired from the political arena after being successfully challenged for his seat by local farmer and forestry worker, Herman Baertschiger Jr.

The new bills, SB 370 and SB 401, which Bates has not yet listed on his own website at the time of this writing, are very far reaching and would impose draconian conditions on mining rights and privarte property rights to the point of destroying the right to mine in Oregon and imposing scenic easements on property owners along the Rogue, Applegate, Illinois, South Umpqua and other readers.

Meanwhile, Legislative Concept 2125, which was announced late in December has been introduced to the Oregon Legislature as SB 115. While it still remains unclear who the author of LC 2125/SB 115 is, one source with connections to Bates recently indicated that Alan Bates may be an author of the bill, adding that former State Senator Jason Atkinson may have played a direct role in the writing of all three bills.

Galice Mining District Chief Executive Officer, Kerby Jackson, said that the introduction of three bills at one time is undoubtedly intended to try to overwhelm the Oregon mining community.

"I think that the sponsors are hoping that this tactic will force us to miss something and cause us to focus our energy on only SB 115. I can't stress enough that all three bills pose a great threat and that it's important not to give up an inch," Jackson said. "I want to make it very clear that it is the official opinion of the Galice Mining District that these three bills, when you put them together, represent

the greatest threat to the rights of independent miners in relatively recent history, as well as a serious attack on water rights and property rights in Oregon. We are calling on miners around the country to help defeat this threat, as well as upon others to make a stand here. Again, I can't emphasize enough, the very serious nature of the threat that Alan Bates has created. We need every mining and property rights organization in the country to help fight this."

NOTE: We are working around the clock to get analaysis done on these bills and compiled.  For now, we have some basic information available to help you fight these bills. Please keep checking back for updates.

The Bills:

SB 115 (previously known as LC 2125) - read bill here

SB 370 - read bill here

SB 401 - read bill here

Your mining rights are under
serious attack in Oregon!

State Senator Alan Bates (D-Ashland) recently introduced several bills to the Oregon Legislature that have been designed to destroy your right to mine. These bills, if they become law, will prohibit most motorized placer mining inside the State of Oregon, prohibit placer mining on Oregon's most mineral rich waterways, attack your right to work on your mining claim and criminalize placer mining.

 SB 115 – Will, Prohibit motorized placer mining with certain exceptions; Impose a year in
prison and a $6250.00 fine for non-compliance; Attack all water rights in the State of Oregon.

 SB 370 – Will, Classify use of a suction nozzle as “commercial” mining; Impose a $125
permit fee for “commercial” mining; Impose 30 days in jail and a $1250.00 fine for non- compliance.

 SB 401 – Will, Designate dozens of gold bearing streams and rivers as “Scenic  Waterways”; Impose “scenic easements” for
¼ mile on both sides of such waterways;  Prohibit activity not conducive to “scenic values” inside such easements for ¼ mile
on each side of the waterway, including upon mining claims and  private land;
Will prohibit  mining on the Rogue, Applegate, Illinois, Chetco, Santiam and South Umpqua Rivers,
as well  as Grave Creek, Briggs Creek, Silver Creek, Brice Creek, Sucker Creek, Cow Creek and many  others –
including upon your mining claim.

All three of these bills are in violation of Federal Law, the Oregon Admission Act and will violate your Constitutional Rights.
In addition to destroying your right to mine and impacting water and property rights,
they will also subject the taxpayers of the State of Oregon to serious civil liability issues.

Please call your State Senator today and tell him/her to vote “NO” on SB 115, SB 370 and SB 401.
Alternatively, you can call Senate President Peter Courtney at: 503-986-1600 or email him at:

Please also call Senator Alan Bates and give him a piece of your mind at:

541-282-6502 (local office) 503-986-1703 (state capital)
or e-mail him at:

Also see - Report Alan Bates for Violating Your Rights

If you would like to e-mail every member of the Oregon Senate to tell them to vote "No" on SB 115, SB 370 and SB 401, please use the e-mail string below:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Galice Mining District has put together a flyer about this issue which you can print out and share with others. You'll need Adobe Acrobat to open it. Please get your copy of the flyer here.

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