Galice Mining District
Links to other Mining Sites

Kerby Jackson - Official site of independent miner, author and mining rights advocate, Kerby Jackson.

New 49ers - Mining organization from Siskiyou County, California.

Southern Oregon Gold Mining - Information on gold mining and mining history in Southern Oregon.

Waldo Mining District - Southern Oregon's oldest mining district.

VB Fine Gold Recovery - Mining equipment manufactured in SW Oregon for the recovery of Micron Gold.

Western Mining Alliance - An organization dedicated to protecting our mining rights for ALL independent miners who are being threatened by over-zealous regulation and misinformed environmentalists. 

KS Wild Truth - Unfortunately, not everybody is always what they seem. On the surface someone may seem like the most conscientious, benevolent, environmentally aware person on earth. But the truth could be that they are anti-humanist liars who take money from the industries they are supposedly fighting. Be very careful who you give your hard-earned cash to - it might just be used against YOU.