Galice Mining District
Galice Mining District


The State of Oregon has infringed upon the rights of all miners by imposing an unlawful ban on motorized placer mining in most gold bearing areas throughout the state. Together with the
Waldo Mining District and the Western Culture Conservancy, the Galice Mining District is
actively fighting this unlawful legislation.  Please click here to help defend your mining rights.

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The Galice Mining District, first established in 1853 near the mouth of Galice Creek, is Oregon's third oldest mining district.

The Galice Mining District is neither a mining club, nor a prospecting association, but is instead, a local governing body for and by miners, its vested jurisdiction deriving its authority from the will of the United States Congress who recognized the long standing tradition of self government among miners and granted them with the right to create and enforce local rules and regulations pertaining to the location and development of their unique mineral properties.

Serving the miners of the Southern Oregon counties of Douglas, Josephine and Jackson, the Galice Mining District stands as a guard to protect and to preserve the rights, property and welfare of locatable mineral miners in this small, but mineral rich corner of the State of Oregon.

Membership in the Galice Mining District is open to all miners and prospectors of good standing who have mineral interests inside the lines of this district, who pledge to abide by the local customs, rules and regulations of this mining district for the unified protection of their property and welfare.