Galice Mining District
Membership in the Galice Mining District

Any miner or prospector of locatable minerals who is in good standing  and who pledges to observe the customs, rules and regulations of the Galice Mining District may apply to become a miner in this district. While the applicant need not actually own a mineral location inside the lines of this district, they must have a vested interest in mining or prospecting in Josephine, Jackson or Douglas County, Oregon. They must also apply for membership in person, at an official meeting of the Galice Mining District.

According to the local laws of the Galice Mining District, all “Applicants are to be vetted by all four officers. Those accepted as members are required to pledge their support of the Constitution, the Mining Law, the Galice Mining District and the decisions thereof.”

Once accepted as a member of this district, there is a one time $20 initiation fee to offset the costs of their official membership card, as well as their copy of “Regulations, Customs and Traditions of the Galice Mining District: A compilation of laws pertinent to the miners of the Galice Mining District of South Western Oregon”, which is the official handbook of the miners within this mining district and which contains all pertinent district rules, regulations and customs of the Galice Mining District, as well as other information that will be valuable to the applying miner.

As an official miner of this district, the applicant then has standing in the decision making processes of this mining district, and may also, at any time, request the assistance of this mining district, its resources and its member miners who will come to him/her in their times of need.

Please contact us for more information on applying.