Galice & Waldo Mining Districts Take SB 838 Case to 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 

Since 2013, the Galice Mining District has been actively fighting against the State of Oregon's unlawful ban on motorized placer mining. The ban, which originated through Senate Bill 838 criminalizes an important activity that is a critical part of the unique culture and history of several portions of the state and extends across approximately 95% of the gold bearing areas of the State of Oregon. 

Congress specifically set many of the affected areas aside for U.S. Citizens to engage in mining and prospecting activity which might aid them in placing food on their family table, as well as furthering the economy of the nation at large. Those who continue to exercise their federally protected rights now risk up to a year in prison and/or tremendous fines simply because they chose to exercise those rights. 

Currently, the Galice Mining District is involved in litigation against agents of the State of Oregon to challenge the unlawful ban. They are supported by the Waldo Mining District.

The case is currently being heard in the United States 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (see Bohmker, et. al. v. State of Oregon, et. al) See link below.,_et_al_v_State_Of_Oregon,_et_al

The miners involved in this case are badly out-gunned financially, especially after seven heavily- funded environmental groups came to the aid of the State government to try to keep the illegal ban in place. 

The Western Culture Conservancy is currently assisting in helping to fund this case by sponsoring this Prize Drawing fundraiser to replenish the Legal Fund.  The case has already cost may thousands of dollars.  We need your help!

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