KS Wild: Wasting Your Tax Dollars With False Police Reports 
by KSWildTruth

You may have noticed the local chapter of Panty Waists R Us (AKA KS Wild) launching a defamatory campaign (for which they're being sued) against the entire mining community of the Rogue Valley.

KS Wild claim they are being 'threatened' by local miners. If you can't tell the difference between somebody who is mad at you talking smack, and an actual threat, you are a lack-brain. Period. It is abundantly clear that NOBODY was making an actual threat over at the OregonGoldHunters.com forum, which they troll incessantly. Anybody can see that the miners were just pissed and mouthing off. Who doesn't? Nobody said anything that sounded remotely like a real threat. I am glad nobody overhears most of what I say in a day. But then again, most people around me know that no matter what comes out of my mouth, I won't be doing it. They have discernment. Oh, and a brain. And nothing to hide. And no need for a giant smokescreen to obscure the truth about themselves behind. 

That's what it was  a smokescreen. KS Wild  probably figured if they got their fake story out there in the media, in the papers, online, on the TV, and, of course, their pathetic little petition, then they would be the ones who were believed and we would just disappear and let them go on their merry way.  But it doesn't  work like that, guys. Not when we have 100% verifiable information about your organization.

But, alas, because of a certain poster campaign outing KS Wild for what they really are Big Pharma, Big Oil, GMO biotech blood money-sucking vampires the story has changed and they've dropped all mention of the posters. They figured once they'd sent the police to the door of the poster maker they thought it would intimidate them and shut them up. I heard about their bully-boy tactics and went right to my computer, did some research, and came up with the Bhopal connection. Then I made my first poster.

See, they said the initial threat was in the form of a wanted poster. Now, there were two posters (which I did NOT make,) that featured George Sexton and Joseph Vaile, but nowhere did they say the the word wanted on them. All of a sudden, a couple of posters stating a few simple facts about where KS Wild's funding comes from suddenly became GASP! a death-threatening Wanted poster saying the miners are gonna kill the little family and the puppies! Oh, noes!  

Didn't happen.

Doesn't exist.

They made it up.

They tried to run a Psy-Op by LYING to YOU to garner your sympathy and put out their meme that miners are bad.

And by the way Georgie and Joey   you're really, really, really NOT wanted around here. Seriously.

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