Does KS Wild Have Their Hands Out For Timber Money? 
by KSWildTruth

KS Wild, our friendly, local environmental extremists have received grants from the Ralph L Smith Foundation, which was founded by a logging and timber baron in 1952. He sold his company to Kimberly-Clark, the Paper Products conglomerate, and formed the foundation which bears his name. According to their own website, Kimberly-Clark's Paper Products, like tissues, toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, incontinence pads, etc., are used by a quarter of the world's population every day. That's a LOT of tree murder! Not terribly eco-minded or tree-hugger-friendly, no matter how dedicated they are to 'sustainability,' is it?

The sad, tragic, and ironic thing about this is if they are just innocent dupes that don't know who they are doing the bidding of that they will never stop the logging industry. All they will achieve is the eradication of the Mom & Pop type logging outfit, the small, local employers. 

What do these environmentalists like KS Wild think is going to happen when they have annihilated every last small, sustainable logging company, the one guy with a self-loader, the wife and husband team who run a crew of two or three guys and cut only seasonally? 

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