KS Wild's Blood Money
by KSWildTruth

Due to an exothermic reaction, the local chemical plant owned by the Union Carbide Company exploded and released approximately 30 metric tons of methyl isocyanate gas (MIC), into the atmosphere. Within just two weeks, 8,000 men, women and children were dead. A further 8,000 have died of their injuries and illnesses since that time. Of course, flora and fauna in the area fell victim to the gas also. 2,000 animal corpses were collected. In the space of just days, all the trees in the area were barren. The air was polluted. The soil was toxic.  The water was poisoned.

Would you take money from the corporation responsible for this?

KS Wild did.

Yes, a high and mighty bunch of self-righteous Enviro-Vangelists who preach endlessly to the rest of us about clean water and not polluting the planet, stuck their hand out and took blood money in the form of a grant from the Mead Foundation. The Mead Foundation was founded by Union Carbide co-founder, Giles W Mead. 

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