Kerby Jackson & Galice Mining district unloads on Senator Alan Bates: and the whole world saw it. 
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Subject: Kerby Jackson Galice Mining district unloads on Senator Alan Bates, with facts...and laws too~!

The Galice Mining district states the laws.

Facts are facts.

If a person steps back from the situation, you may observe that the US is following the same paths as Argentina under Peron during the collapse of that government.  The US  govt is attacking private property rights.  Under Peron, Argentina even nationalized all the private retirement accounts of citizens, in an attempt to fund socialism programs that had bankrupt the Argentina treasury.  For some reason, when govt go broke..they attack the private sector, they bite the hand that feeds them.  Socialism turns to fascism.

Oregon and Federal courts have upheld repeatedly, that mineral rights are fee simple property rights.  

Legislators and individual lobbyists are not immune from personal tort laws, are they?

mark johnson
grants pass, OR

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Subject: the community requests Transparency. Who is backing the mineral withdraw? Names, home address

Honorable Senator Alan, 

Which environmental activists are pushing you forward on these State sponsored mining bans? 

My name is Mark Johnson.  I live in Grants Pass, Oregon. 

Dave Mack lives in Happy Camp CA. 

Kerby Jackson lives in Grants Pass. 

Ron Gibson lives in Grants Pass. 

Many of the Waldo District live in the Cave Junction area. 

We have nothing to hide.  Disclose the truth please. 

Do we have to file some sort of Freedom of information request for this 


mark johnson 
grants Pass, OR 


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Re: the community requests Transparency. Who is backing the mineral withdraw? Names, home address
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 06:33:02 -0500

From: Kerby Jackson <>

CC: Jack Swift land use attorney ,Ron Gibson Jefferson Mining dist ,Waldo Mining District ,Dave Mack - New 49ers

Why don't we ask a few, much more important questions on this matter:

Senator Bates, where do you get off thinking that YOU have authority to violate the Oregon Admission Act to usurp Congressional authority pertaining to the disposal of land and the rules and regulations established by Congress pertaining to the terms of said disposal?

Where is YOUR authority to legislate to violate the same admission act and to place non-navigable waterways (which this state has no lawful claim to) under the jurisdiction of the Oregon Department of State Lands?

Where do you get off thinking that YOU have authority to create a de facto mineral withdrawal, when this authority resides exclusively in Congress, as well as the President and the Secretary of the United States Department of Interior who were conveyed with that authority in the Pickett Act?

Where is YOUR lawful authority to legislate to place certain sections of the Public Domain of the United States, as well as appropriated locatable mineral deposits inside of that domain, under the jurisdiction of the Oregon Department of State Lands for the purpose of prohibiting placer mining?

Where do you get YOUR authority to legislate to violate the 5th Amendment, as well as the Supremacy Clause and the  Contract Clause of the United States Constitution?

Where is YOUR authority to legislate to violate Sections 18 and 21 of the Constitution of the State of Oregon?

I am, of course, reffering to the recent legislation which you introduced pertaining to placer mining in Oregon and also to State Scenic Waterways. 

Here's a reality check for you, Senator.

You don't have lawful authority to do any of the above, and your attempts to deprive miners (and others) of their rights and their property, and to attempt to criminalize their Congressionally granted rights for your political agenda constitutes constructive trust fraud, a deprivation of rights, attempted extortion of real estate and unlawful interference with federally protected rights and activities.

I am aware, Senator, that not all men in the State of Oregon are actually created equally and that you have certain immunities as a legislator. That being said, I am also aware that this immunity is also limited.

Be aware, Mr. Bates, it is my opinion that you are committing felonies under Federal Law, from which you are NOT immune from prosecution, let alone are you immune from any torts arising from said felonious activities. Also be reminded, that when you act outside of your lawful authority, that you are the one who will be responsible to foot your legal bill - not the people of this state.

Your activity is endangering the very existence of the State of Oregon, which is already in a financially precarious position.

That above being taken into consideration, how is your activity not sedition and not treason, as defined in current United States Title Code? I suggest that you study those provisions of Federal law.

Mr. Bates, this is neither a joke, nor an idle threat. This is, in fact, a very serious matter.

Understand that all lawful remedy and lawful options are considered to be ON THE TABLE in this matter.

I hope you understand that we are so adamant about this position that miners across the entire country are calling for Congressional intervention in your attempt to deprive them of their granted rights and mineral estate property which derived from Congressional authority.

You will recall that I publicly suggested that you consult with an attorney if you did not understand the civil and criminal ramifications of your current activity. Again, I would stress the importance of you doing just that.


Kerby Jackson
Executive Officer - Galice Mining District

cc: Recorder - Galice Mining District

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