Miner's Rally at Oregon State Capital

Responding to the threats posed against placer mining in Oregon, on February 28th, 2013, miners from across the Far West will converge on the Capital of the State of Oregon to oppose the recent efforts of Senator Alan Bates of Ashland to ban placer mining and violate property rights.

Oregon Gold Miners Rally 
1 to 5 p.m. February 28, 2013 (rain or shine)
Located on the north steps of the State Capital building Salem, Oregon

There are a number of bills in the legislature this year aimed at eliminating or inhibiting the operations of small-scale gold suction dredges in Oregonís rivers and streams.  The environmental left has made it clear that their goal is to destroy the $10+ million dollar small scale gold dredging industry.  This attack is their follow-up on their success in California.  They do not care that science comes down on the side of the miners reporting that small-scale gold suction dredge miners effects on the environment are less-than-significant.

Letís all show up and let the Stateís legislators know we want them to support jobs and the honest working citizens rather environmental extremism fueled by their dishonest lies and tactics.

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Contact : 
Eben Ray <miningisnotevil@yahoo.com>
 Claudia Wise <notsowise_55@yahoo.com>