White Castle Timber Sale Protest Abandoned, Enviros Trash Forest! 
by KSWildTruth

The site of the White Castle Timber Sale protest, where a group of (I've been told,) PAID PROTESTORS have been camped out since June 2013, has been abandoned. HUMAN WASTE, rotting food, other garbage, tarps and wooden platforms were dumped at the site.  

Douglas County Sheriff's Deputies had to remove four pick-up loads of abandoned, festering garbage and SHIT, literally, from the beautiful forest land.

They were there for many months making a nuisance of themselves, stopping decent folks making a living and feeding their families, as usual. And yet again, these good-for-nothings have cost YOU, the Tax Payer, money. Another waste of police time and public resources.  But what's new?

Why haven't these parasites been cited for ILLEGAL OCCUPATION?  They were there more than 14 days, which means they should be cited. 

Why are they not being charged with LITTERING?  Care about the forests, do they? Yeah, right.  

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