Adolf Hitler: The Father of Environmentalism
by KS Wild Truth

[If you are skeptical about so called 'global warming' or if you are against radical extremist environmentalism, one is often called a 'right-winger.' So, let me just say, so there is no contention about it, to be 'right-wing,' one would have to be ignorant enough to believe in the false paradigm of the two-party system. Make no mistake - the puppet on the left is bought and paid for by the same group of people who pull the strings of the puppet on the right.]

For me, the subject of radical environmentalism is not political, not in the sense of left or right. It transcends the political and crosses over into the realms of religious dogma. It is a wolf in sheep's clothing that is eroding our freedom and our private lives, across class, status, tax brackets, geography and other demographic identifiers.  

This is, of course, in reference to the the low-level, on-the-ground activists, say, the local chapter of Owls R US whose spokesperson tells us all how horrible we are and we should give up our land and water rights for birds and fish and slugs. These people are what is commonly know among the Powers That Be as Useful Idiots. Think of them as the Green Gestapo of the enviro movement. In a hot war they would be deemed cannon fodder military Top Brass.

But the Environmental movement is indeed political at its heart. The sting-pullers of the entire hoax are a political elite who want to control everything, down to where you can live and what you eat. The common or garden radical enviro does not know they are a disposable pawn in a global chess game. They have absolutely no idea. Like I said, idiots, but somewhat useful.

Radical environmentalism is a religion. It is a cult. Its doctrine is rooted in the philosophy of the German National Socialist Party, commonly known as the Nazis. Hitler was a vegetarian who passed laws on animal rights and had his military planting trees to save the forests, whilst simultaneously exterminating millions of human beings, and conducting barbarous medical experiments on others.

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