Site of Famous Briggs Pocket Re-Discovered

Display of nuggets from the famous Briggs Strike made in 1904.

These are high grade specimens of pocket gold recently recovered at the famous Briggs Pocket in the Waldo Mining District. The Briggs Pocket, also known as the "Wounded Buck" was discovered in the Summer of 1904 by 18 year old Roy Briggs while hunting. Within a few short weeks, the Briggs family extracted over 2500 ounces of gold from the pocket utilizing the barest of hand tools. In the 110 years since, the exact location of the pocket strike was subsequently lost. 

Five years ago, Bill Adams, who was mentored by the legendary pocket hunter Miles Mitchell, began to actively hunt for the location of the Briggs Strike. Adams focused on examining a wide assortment of historical records with little result until examining the notes a government surveyor who had been in the area during the "Briggs Excitement". Through the use of those notes, Adams was able to finally pinpoint the location of the pocket workings which is located in a very isolated area near the California-Oregon border. He subsequently led a small team of miners to the area, where they were able to recover some exceptional specimens of pocket gold. It just goes to show that perseverance and good research leads to just rewards.