Environmental Terrorists Trespass and Spike Trees at Mill near Eugene, Oregon

It should come as no surprise to our regular readers, that an environmental group has now claimed responsiblity for trespassing on the property of Swanson Brothers in Eugene for the spiking of trees in their log decks.

As KPIC out of Portland reported: "The Register-Guard reports (http://bit.ly/29od4f5 ) that some environmentalists turned to such tactics during logging debates in the 1990s. They'd pound the spikes into live trees, making them potentially dangerous for loggers to cut down. A group called SAP claimed on an Earth First! website that it placed spikes in logs at the Swanson Brothers mill on June 11."

Anyone familiar with the timber wars of the 80's and 90's will recall that such tree spikings resulted in serious injuries, as well as the death of some timber workers, a prime example being the famous Cloverdale Incident that nearly decapitated 23 year old George Alexander, of which Earth First! founder, Dave Foreman, said of the near-fatal act of sabotage, “I think it's unfortunate that somebody got hurt, but you know I quite honestly am more concerned about old growth forests, spotted owls, wolverines, and salmon".

In light of several recent events, namely Cascadia Forest Defender's trashing of O & C Land during a tree-sitting protest in Douglas County, as well as recent threats by environmental extremists believed to be aligned with KS Wild against the BLM and also timber workers involved in the Nedsbar Timber sale in the Upper Applegate, wherein our oil-money glutton enviro friends suggested "Let's take matters into our own hands and stop this logging operation before it starts, through disruption of business as usual and sabotage. Instead of open season on wild hogs we are declaring open season on the real swine, the institutions that support the timber sale and any company that bids on it."

Earlier in the year, some of us had warned that this recent uptick in environmental extremism would eventually culminate in a return of the sort of eco-terrorism that environmental groups committed routinely 20 years ago when they actively engaged in criminal trespass, tree-spiking, equipment vandalism, arson and even the attempted murder of their adverseries all in the name of "saving the planet"..

Regarding the recent tree-spiking incident,  Larry Konnie, president of Swanson Brothers, a family-owned mill about 20 miles west of Eugene, said,  “It makes me think they wanted to hurt somebody”.

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