Galice Mining District Request Public Records Pertaining to Oregon Senate Bill 115

For those who have been following the recent efforts by the State of Oregon to unlawfully prohibit placer mining in the State of Oregon, the identity of the author(s) and/or sponsor(s) of SB 115 has been the subject of much speculation in light of the fact that the Oregon Senate violated their own rules and have been actively keeping the authors, contributors and sponsors of the illegal bill in anonymity. Earlier in the week, Galice Mining District sent a demand to Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney and to Senator Jackie Dingfelder who is the Chairman of the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Commitee to comply with Oregon Senate Rules which requires that the sponsor of each bill appear in the bill text. As of January 25th, 2013, in addition to failing to comply with the demand, neither of the two parties had even responded.

In light of this, pursuant to Chapter 192 of the Oregon Revised Statutes, Galice Mining District has submitted a Public Records Request to both Courtney and Dingfelder to obtain "digital copies of all records, notes, recommendations, legal examinations, minutes of meetings and internal and external correspondences pertaining to Senate Bill 115, titled, Relating to placer mining; creating new provisions; amending ORS 196.910 and 390.835; and declaring an emergency. (Also requested is) the identity of the author(s), contributors and sponsor(s) of Senate Bill 115 which have been kept in anonymity by the Senate of the State of Oregon."

A public records request was sent to the offices of both Peter Courtney and Jackie Dingfelder requesting the release of the records.