Online Petition: Protect Private Property in Oregon

Oregon miner Casey Nonamaker has written a petition on that intends to cut off public funding to environmental groups. The petition, entitled: "Help Protect Private Property in Oregon!" is addressed to the Oregon Senate and the Oregon House  and charges that "If the scenic waterway bill (SB401) moves forward, it would impose severe restrictions to what property owners in the scenic boundary's (with in 1/4 mile from the waterway) can do on, and to their property. Even simple things like painting a house a certain color, installing a fence, or even building a shed/structure could be prohibited. The property may no longer be able to be sub-divided, and other larger structures like another house may not be possible. Many people have even lost there homes and property do to condemnation because the restriction are too severe! This could be YOUR property! Please help stop this by signing this petition!"

You can sign the petition here.