Galice Mining District
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Oregon Miners Will Petition Supreme Court of the United States to Hear Bohmker case
Galice & Waldo Mining Districts Petition 9th Circuit En Banc in Bohmker case
Oregon State Agency Implicated in Sugar Pine Mine Conspiracy
Conspiracy to Steal Sugar Pine Mine Antique Stamp Mill
PROOF - BLM Lied About Sugar Pine Mine Related Threats to Federal Employees
Galice & Waldo Mining Districts Take SB 838 Case to 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
Environmental Terrorists Trespass, Spike Trees at Mill in Eugene, Oregon
Galice Mining District issues Statement on developing situation in Harney County
Galice, Waldo Mining Districts Launch Suit Against State of Oregon over Unlawful Mining Moratorium
Galice Mining District to State of Oregon: "Drop Dead" on Mining Moratorium
Galice & Waldo Mining Districts Will Sue State of Oregon over Mining Moratorium
State, miners headed for showdown over dredging
Adolf Hitler: The Father of Environmentalism
2015 Mining Season Starts: Next Public Meeting in October
Pocket Gold Strike Made on Mount Reuben, Josephine County, Oregon
Site of famous Briggs Pocket re-discovered
Court of Appeals Deals Blow to California Suction Dredge Ban
Next Meeting of the Galice District in early October
Mining Season Starts; Next Meeting is September 2014
Dennis Richardson To Meet With Miners; May 24th, 2014
Tellurium in South West Oregon? Dr. Gareth Hatch speaks at Grants Pass
Tellurium: A Rock For a Hard Place?
KS Wild: Eco-Nazis and Neo-Nazis
Galice Mining District to Roseburg BLM: Prosecute White Castle Protesters For Unlawful Occupation
Enviros Trash Forest at White Castle Timber Sale
KS Wild: Wasting Your Tax Dollars With False Police Reports
Oh, the Irony. KS Wild View Bhopal Disaster Documentary at Enviro Conference
Does KS Wild Have Their Hand Out For Timber Money?
KS Wild's Blood Money: Union Carbide and the Bhopal Disaster
Who Are KS Wild?
Galice Mining District Throws Down Gauntlet To Enviros
Galice Mining District at the Roseburg Gold Show
Official Agenda for January 5th, 2013
Forest Service stomps on miners legal rights… again
Oficial Agenda for November 17th, 2013
Tom Wiley, Regional DOGAMI Geologist on "The Mineral Wealth of Southern Oregon"
The Mining Industry in Josephine County (Presentation given by Kerby Jackson to Josephine County Republican Committee)
Claim Jumper on Briggs Creek Caught on Camera
Galice Miners Protest Alan Bates
Galice Mining District Announces New Officers
"Some Big Miner Problems" -  Kerby Jackson talks with "We The People Radio"
Kerby Jackson talks with Ross Lessing of Crystal Clear Radio in South Africa
Oregon miners launch lawsuit against state, senators
Galice Miners File Challenge Against Oregon Anti-Mining Legislation
RS 2477 Road Victory in Utah
Defend Rural America Fights For Mining Rights
Western Mining Alliance Fights Back Against Calls For Continued Dredge Ban
Supreme Court Won't Hear California Dredge Case
No Permit Required For Stormwater Discharges, Says Supreme Court
Feds Want Money Back From Timber Counties
Miners vs. ODEQ
Police Name Suspects in Yreka Gold Heist
Hundreds of Miners Protest at State Capital
ODEQ To Hold Meeting in Medford Regarding 700PM Permit
Miners Unite To Fight Anti-Mining Legislation in Oregon
Miners Organize Rally at State Capital Against Recent Legislation
Tom Kitchar on SB 401
Senate Bills for Oregon Waterways
Online Petition: Protect Private Property in Oregon
BLM Seeks Expansion of Wild & Scenic Designation on More Gold Bearing Waterways in Oregon
No More Tax Payer Dollars for Enviro Groups
Claudia Wise, retired EPA Scientist Weighs in on SB 401 and SB 388
SB 401 and SB 388 Will Infringe Your Property Rights
Nine West Coast Mining Groups Send Coordinated Response to Alan Bates
Galice Mining District Requests Public Records on SB 115
Galice Mining District Unloads on Senator Alan Bates
Senator Alan Bates Launches Massive Attack on Oregon Mining, Water Rights and Property Rights
New 49ers Expose Legal Loophole in California's Suction Dredge Ban
Waldo Mining District weighs in on LC 2125
Federal judge rules EPA overstepped authority trying to regulate water as pollutant in Virginia
Siskiyou County Water Rights Protected
Chetco River Vehicle Ban Draws Fire
The New War on Independent Mining in Oregon
Oregon Wild Make Final Push for Rogue River Wilderness
Chief Executive Officer of Galice Mining District Shows Oregon Public Broadcasting the Rogue River