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Oregon Wild Continues Push for Rogue River Wilderness

Dear Josephine NO MORE WILDERNESS EXPANSION activists:

Oregon Wild sent out a message yesterday to its activists. It is very important that you take a few minutes of time to notify Senators Wyden and Merkley that you strongly object to any more wilderness expansion in Josephine County. Regarding Senator Wyden, go to his web site and register you comments there. 

Some talking points can be:

We already have 70,000 acres of Wilderness in Josephine County as part of the 180,000 acre Kalmiopsis Wilderness.

The 64,000 acres proposed for the Wild Rogue Wilderness Expansion has valuable timber resources set aside for production as part of the O&C Act of 1937. 

The proposed Wild Rogue Wilderness Expansion area has deposits of valuable mineral resources like Gold as proven by past mining. A full Mineral Assessment is needed for the proposed area to determine the types and amounts of minerals present. Many millions of dollars of minerals maybe present below the ground. Some of the minerals are needed for our industrial use such as Tellurium which is used in the production of Solar Panels. Tellurium is a rare Earth substance and much of it used now in the United States is imported from China.

When the proposed Wild Rogue Wilderness Expansion legislation was introduced in Congress, it was done so without any prior consultation with the 3 Josephine County Commissioners.

Tens of Thousands of Josephine County residents are opposed to any more Wilderness Expansion.

A good portion of the land does not meet the criteria for Wilderness exclusion as outlined by the Wilderness Act. There is evidence of road construction, logging activity and mining activity in the past in the proposed area.

Oregon does not need any more Public Land turned in Wilderness for future generations. There are already 47 Wilderness Areas in Oregon totaling 1.7 million areas.

The Wilderness Expansion will do nothing to enhance tourism in Josephine County as the tourists travel on the Rogue River by raft and they will not even be able to see the land added for Wilderness. The very steep terrain away from the River prohibits hiking into that area. Besides, people on the raft trips do not have time for much hiking away from the River.  The current hiking opportunity is along both sides of the Rogue River for those people entering the area on foot.

Any more Wilderness Expansion will result in more road closures which will decrease hunting opportunities which is another important tourism activity in Josephine County.

Please take action, we must resist.


Ron Glynn

Contact Senator Ron Wyden

Contact Jeff Merkley